Good Afternoon Residents of Clearbrooke:

I hope that everyone fared well through the storm. It looks like the damage to your community was minimal. I have listed some important updates/information regarding your community below.

Downed Trees from Hurricane- As some of the fallen trees are quite large, I am working on getting quotes to remove them. In the interim, please stay clear of the trees, for obvious safety reasons. We are working on getting them removed as fast as possible.

Debris Clean-up-The Maintenance Manager, Randy, has done an excellent job of making piles of fallen branches and tree debris and we are working on getting the piles removed as quickly as possible.

Damaged Fence- I am working on getting quotes to repair/replace the blown down fence by 1803 Clearbrooke.

Maintenance Personnel Change– As many of you may already be aware, Jason is no longer working on the property. We are now operating with just one maintenance man, Randy. This change was due to budgeting restrictions and the Board working diligently to keep your HOA fees low. Please be patient, as work around the community will likely slow down a bit. ALL WORK/REPAIR REQUESTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED TO ME, NOT RANDY. Please do not stop Randy in the street and ask him to do things for you, this will only slow his progress. The correct procedure is to call, or preferably, email me, and I will direct Randy or call the appropriate vendor to address your issue.

Recycling Options – I spoke to someone at Waste Pro. They do have a recycling program. It consists of once weekly pick-up on Wednesday’s and the cost is $4.50/mo and this includes a 65-gallon recycling container. If you would like to have recycling picked-up at your unit, just call Waste Pro at 727-452-5278 and ask for the commercial division and give them your address. The Association will not pay for this bill. This would be billed directly to the owner. The Board will discuss having this added on as an option for all owners when we plan for the 2018 Budget. Cleaning of Garbage Cans– If you would like your garbage can switched out, simply call Waste Pro at 727-452-5278, ask for the commercial division, tell them you live in Clearbrooke Townhomes Condo Association, and give them your unit number. They will switch out the containers, on an as-needed basis, for free.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during this transition period. Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.